Bacognize® for Growing eSports Market

According to a report by Goldman Sachs, the eSports market is poised to reach a value of $3 million dollars by 2022 with an estimated monthly viewership of nearly 300 million people.1 With prizes earning players thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars per game, it is essential to be focused not only during game play, but also during cognitive training. This need is one the market is looking to fill swiftly in response to the mental and emotional challenges of game play.

Increasingly, eSports gamers are seeking out healthy ways to maintain focus and mental clarity without jitters or other negative side effects to reach peak performance and remain calm under pressure. In fact, many teams employ trainers and strategists to help support a player’s goals for optimized mental vitality.2

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The role of Postbiotics on Immune Health

Featuring EpiCor®

Postbiotics are functional compounds, generated in a matrix during fermentation, which may be used to promote health. The term postbiotics can be considered an umbrella term for synonyms and related terms of microbial fermentation components1EpiCor® is a whole food fermentate, a postbiotic ingredient clinically shown to support the immune system and modulate and benefit the gut microbiota. 

Talking about the role of postbiotics and gut health, in an interview to Nutritional Outlook Dr  Justin Green Ph.D., Director of Scientific Affairs at Embria Health Sciences, explained: “Consumers are always looking for better ways to support their gut. And postbiotics don’t add more bugs to your system, they simply support the bacteria that you currently have, so we’re building on the story of the microbiome. The microbiome is something that scientists and consumers are interested in. Now, with postbiotics, they have a new option to support their gut with no side effects and additional health benefits such as immune strength”.

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Product Highlight: PureWay-C™ for Immune Support

PureWay-C™ is a proprietary, proven form of vitamin C, documented with research studies (in-vitro and clinical trials) showing that it is rapidly absorbed and highly retained by the body.  In PureWay-C™, fatty acids act as ascorbic acid carriers to increase intestinal absorption and vascular distribution of Vitamin C, and enhance cellular uptake kinetics, which allows ascorbic acid to enter cells in a safe, quick and effective manner. This proprietary Vitamin C delivery process is what makes PureWay-C™ an effective, turnkey ingredient.

PureWay-C™ is a great and versatile ingredient for immune boosting formulations (tablets, capsules, softgels, sachets, liquid formulations and more) and allows all EFSA Approved Health Claims for Vitamin C.

PureWay-C ™ is GRAS-affirmed and stomach friendly. Discover all the advantages of this ingredient, scientific research and available grades. Visit our PureWay-C® dedicated page

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With the new LEHVOSS Electronic Folder, customers can find the most up to date information on our key active ingredients, have direct access to relevant clinical studies, save product information in an easy PDF format and share with others. They can also contact our sales manager by mail or phone, with just one click and from all devices, including mobile phones.

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Where does your Omega-3 comes from?

Golden Omega is the first omega-3 concentrate producer to obtain a certification from ORIVO, ensuring pure raw material sourcing. Through independent third party testing from ORIVO, all the raw material involved in Golden Omega´s production, is verified as “pure anchovy from the South-Pacific Ocean”

In addition, ORIVO and Golden Omega have recently launched a major development project, which aims to further strengthen the traceability for Golden Omega´s products all the way into consumer-ready omega-3 concentrates.

A new report by The Food Marketing Institute (FMI) and Chicago-based Label Insight states that the majority (81%) of consumers say transparency is ‘important’ or ‘extremely important’ to them when shopping online and in-store.

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Restoridyn® named Winner of Nutrition Research Project Award

LEHVOSS Nutrition is proud to announce that Restoridyn® was recently named the winner of the 2020 NutraIngredients-USA Research Project of the Year Award.

“We are honored to receive the recognition and accolades on behalf of our research endeavors associated with Restoridyn. To get this kind of recognition is extremely rewarding for everyone involved. We would like to give special recognition to Dr. Brian McFarlin and his UNT team for their expertise and willingness to take on this complicated research project,” said Sonya Cropper, VP of Marketing and Innovation at Verdure Sciences upon receiving the award.

Restoridyn® is a patented proprietary polyphenol blend of curcuminoids and pomegranate ellargitannins, clinically backed to support sports performance, immune response, exercise recovery, active lifestyles, cognitive and joint health. To discover more, please visit our dedicated page or contact us.

Plant based Iodine for Immune Support

Iodine is an essential element required for the function of all organ systems. Despite this, much of Europe is deficient in iodine, and increasingly those on plant-based diets.

Although the importance of iodine in thyroid hormone synthesis and reproduction is well known, its direct effects on the immune system are elusive.

However, a study1 revealed the novel network between human immune cells and thyroid-related molecules and highlight the importance of iodine in regulating the function of human immune cells.

PureSea’s range of naturally innovative seaweed ingredients provide a good source of natural plant-based essential iodine.  Use of PureSea allows for numerous EFSA health claims including supporting normal thyroid function and production of thyroid hormones. Discover more by listening this on-demand presentation or visiting our dedicated PureSea® Product Page.


(1) Bilal M. et al (2017) A Role for Iodide and Thyroglobulin in Modulating the Function of Human Immune Cells. Frontiers in Immunology. Iss 8, Page1573

EpiCor®: A Postbiotic Ingredient for Gut Health.

Thanks to their stability,  postbiotic fermentates have the opportunity to be the new market leader in the gut-health space. EpiCor®, a postbiotic fermentate made through a specialized fermentation process, has a wealth of science supporting its immune and gut health benefits.

In an interview to Nutritional Outlook Dr Justin Green, Ph.D., Director of Scientific Affairs at Embria Health Sciences, explained: “Postbiotics are the beneficial functional components created by fermentation of live microorganisms that are subsequently deactivated, or killed, and then dried into a powder that is easily characterized, studied, and formulated into supplements. EpiCor is fermentation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, or baker’s yeast. After it is fermented, the live yeast is inactivated, or heat killed, and dried. It keeps all those metabolites intact and consistent from batch to batch, which gives it a unique metabolite fingerprint.”

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New clinical trial reconfirms Longvida benefits on mood and memory

In 2014, researchers at Swinburne University studied the effects of Longvida Optimized Curcumin® in healthy older adults for its benefits in memory, mood, and fatigue.1 The results of this trial showed significant positive results and earned the 2015 NutraIngredients Research of the Year Award.  

Today, the same group of researchers have published a partial replication study, further establishing Longvida® as the Cognitive Curcumin of Choice™ and supporting the positive results in cognition and mood first recognized in the groundbreaking study in 2014. 

The new study, also conducted at Swinburne University, was a double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel-groups "partial replication study evaluating similar effects [of improved working memory and reduced fatigue and stress reactivity in a healthy older cohort] at 4 and 12 weeks Longvida® supplementation." Eighty healthy men and women (aged 50-80 years) were randomized to receive 400mg of Longvida® daily (containing 80mg of curcumin), or a matching placebo.2

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New research highlights OptiMSM® skin benefits at low dose

Researchers studying the effects of nutritional supplements on skin health have further confirmation that OptiMSM® may reduce visible signs of skin aging even at a low dose of 1gram per day.  

Furthermore, in another scientific study recently published, OptiMSM® also demonstrated beneficial effects on hair and nails health, possibly due to its action on keratin.

Details on the latest research and additional evidence explaining the role of  OptiMSM® on skin  health, can be found in the “OptiMSM® for Skin Review” available for download here.  

OptiMSM® is a branded, proven form of MSM, manufactured in USA by Bergstrom Nutrition, through a unique proprietary multi-stage distillation process.