New range of Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia (GC) is a small, pumpkin-shaped tropical fruit that grows in Southeast Asia and India. The key active ingredient found in the rind of Garcinia Cambogia is hydroxycitric acid (HCA). Many years of research suggests that this ingredient may help with weight management and despite the fact that it has been used for several years in food supplements, we can still see companies including this ingredient in new product developments. Garcinia is a well-positioned ingredient and to our knowledge will continue in the market for a while.

Thanks to our supplier network we have recently approved a range of Garcinia Cambogia options, manufactured by a key producer in India.

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OptiMSM® new scientific pubblication

In a recent study (November 2019) OptiMSM® demostrated to benefit hair and nail health, possibly by its action on keratin. Cick here to download the full study.

Lear more about OptiMSM®: visit our dedicated page.

New range of Plant Based Vitamins & Minerals

In Nature, vitamins and minerals don’t exist in isolation. They exist as foods. Fruits, vegetables, and botanicals deliver their nutrients in complex “packages” that are then metabolised by our body. Vitamins and minerals found in foods come with their own enzymes, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, phytonutrients, and other natural co-factors that can help the body to absorb and use them effectively.

Our new natural and organic certified vitamins and minerals are not single chemical entities. We offer vitamins and minerals as “whole-food complexes”, with all their nutrient co-factors: just as they exist in Nature. They are ingredients with minimal processing carried out, therefore preserving their original vitamin and mineral profiles: the way the body likes them.

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GlucosaGreen®: a Vegan and Sustainable Glucosamine

According to market data, the joint health market is expected to increase to more than US 14 billion by 20241.

Currently, nearly all the World’s glucosamine is produced from shellfish. The process of manufacturing glucosamine from shellfish, however, relies considerably on chemicals and energy, while also creating excessive amounts of toxic wastewater, harmful to people, animals and the environment. Producing 1 MT of traditional shellfish glucosamine requires 30 to 40 MTs of shellfish shells and creates 5 to 6 MTs of solid waste. Furthermore, the manufacturing process can create up to 460 MT of wastewater with an unhealthy pH of 5.5 in most cases.2

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Is Green the new colour for Lutein?

Green solvents minimise the environmental impact resulting from the use of industrial solvents in the chemical raw material production. Green solvents are characterized for their easy biodegradation; they are also safe in products and the ozone layer. XanMax® Green grades are prepared using a process which utilizes only green solvents.

XanMax® is a unique combination of free lutein with varying levels of zeaxanthin, manufactured from carefully selected marigold plants. XanMax® is made by Katra Phytochem, a NSF-GMP, fully integrated producer of lutein and other carotenoid products.

Discover more about this range by downloading the Marketing Sheet available here.  XanMax® is exclusively distributed in Europe by LEHVOSS Nutrition.

Plant Proteins: Discover our offer

According to Innova, protein is expected to maintain its position as a key ingredient in the industry. As consumers become increasingly aware of what benefits their health and wellness, protein’s wide range of uses may provide ample space for innovative and exciting product developments. 

The number of food and beverages launches featuring pea protein has trebled in the last five years (Global, 2014-2018) with 60% growth in dairy alternative launches with plant proteins (Global, 2018 vs 2017). Consumer demand for protein-enriched products now extends beyond sports nutrition, to include senior nutrition, weight management and overall health and wellness. It is certainly no longer the domain of the infant nutrition category or “body building” space.

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Cognitive: An interesting application area for probiotics.

A recent study (Marotta et al.,2019) has demonstrated the link between probiotics and cognitive health. The study was aimed to understand the potential positive effect of specific probiotic strains on psychological well-being, measured by changes in mood (e.g., cognitive reactivity to sadness, depression, and anxiety), personality dimensions and quality of sleep, both considered related to mood. In this double-blind, placebo-controlled study, 38 healthy volunteers received a probiotic mixture or placebo, respectively and for 6 weeks.  Mood, personality dimensions, and sleep quality were assessed before the beginning of the study, during that period (3 and 6 weeks) and also 3 weeks after the period of intake.  

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New meta-analysis reveals interesting findings about Omega-3s

People who received omega-3 fish oil supplements in randomized clinical trials had lower risks of heart attack and other cardiovascular disease (CVD) events compared with those who were given placebo, according to a new meta-analysis from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and Brigham and Women's Hospital.  The analysis  included 130,000 adults in 12 randomised trials worldwide, including the VITAL trial, the largest randomised trial of omega-3s to date.

Researchers found an association between daily omega-3 supplementation and reduced risk of most CVD outcomes, including heart attack, death from coronary heart disease, and death from CVD, but did not see benefit for stroke. The association was particularly evident at higher doses of omega-3 fish oil supplementation.

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It is all about being “Smart”: Nootropics NPD and scientific substantiation

Nootropics, or ‘smart supplements,’ have captured the industry’s attention as a new brain health area to watch. Consumers are seeking performance based formulas that help them reach their peak – not only physically, but also mentally. However, entering this increasingly popular space with a product does not come without its drawbacks. In an era where transparency and efficacy are becoming expected, companies must also substantiate their launches.

According to Innova data, the nootropic market is growing at a rate of around 20 percent per year, which has partly been boosted by public figures who have reported using nootropics.

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Introducing our Organic certified, Natural Vitamins and Minerals

LEHVOSS Nutrition is pleased to present a range of plant-based vitamins and minerals, which have been treated as whole-food complexes, with minimal processing carried out, therefore preserving their original vitamin and mineral profiles.

Each ingredient is not an “isolate” from natural sources, or a concentrate; it is standardized to actives in lower concentrations but available as natural forms found in nature. Isolating single vitamin forms can be less effective compared to leaving the broad-spectrum of naturally existing formats of active vitamins and minerals found in plants. 

Organic certified and natural Vitamin B12, Biotin B7, Folate B9, Iron, Vitamin C, Selenium, Zinc and multivitamin blends are currently on offer and available to all our EU customers, and there will be more ingredients to be added in the near future. Visit our dedicated page to learn more.