Our 360-Degree Ingredient View on Immune, Eye and Cognitive support

Like you, we need our customers to keep well, and this goes beyond immunity. Eye health support, cognitive health, focus and mood support and exercise recovery are additional aspects of our daily life, which now more than ever become key.

With most of our time now spent at home and in front of a computer, our eyes are increasingly exposed to monitors and other devices. Cognitive well-being becomes challenging if opportunities for social contact, hobbies and travelling are less than what we are used to or non- existence.

Exercising becomes not only a good reason to keep the body fit but a key activity to take care of ourselves and help the mind to become more relaxed and less stressed. However, exercising can be challenging if the body is not used to it or it is not part of a routine.

We at LEHVOSS Nutrition have researched some of our science driven ingredients and combinations to offer an overview on how they can help you in your new formulations.

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Healthy immune response for better sports performance and more, with OptiMSM®

Stress plays a significant role in how the immune system responds to daily challenges.

Scientific evidence demonstrates the role of OptiMSM® in supporting a healthy immune response. OptiMSM® safeguards the immune system’s ability to respond to threats and helps to mitigate the excessive response to inflammation.

The role of inflammation and oxidative stress is key, particularly in recovery. The importance of this extends to active lifestyle consumers, as aging and additional stress potentially inhibits the recovery process.

Scientific research demonstrates OptiMSM®’s ability to improve inflammatory response, reduce oxidative stress and increase performance.

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Find the right balance for better immune support with EpiCor®

Nowadays, it is all about finding the right balance for optimal immune support. With more than 15 published studies (8 human clinical trials) EpiCor® has demonstrated its ability to support the immune system (rapid response and prolonged support) without overstimulation and while modulating the gut microbiome.


EpiCor® is the first and only fermentate with a unique metabolite and nutrient fingerprint composition, with nothing extracted during or after the fermentation process. This offers numerous benefits of a multi-active ingredient composition, difficult to match with a single active ingredient. 

Furthermore, EpiCor® works through the gut to strengthen the immune system so there is no need to overcome the challenge of gut colonization or relying on resident gut microflora to benefit from its immune support.

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Recovery: How to reach the category’s full potential?

An interesting editorial to make us think about the great potential of Restoridyn®

“Recovery focused sports nutrition is becoming just as relevant to the everyday active consumer as it is to the elite athlete but brands need to create consumer-centric products and marketing if they are to tap into the potentially huge audience”.

This was the message from the first episode of Nutraingredients Sports and Active Nutrition Broadcast Series aired end of September.

During the webinar, Nick Morgan, founder of Sports Integrated, carried out an audience poll in which he asked whether performance or recovery is more relevant to the consumer today and revealed that 69% of the audience chose “recovery”.

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Vitamin D highlighted as essential nutrient to support immune health by expert panel

Featuring our plant based options for Vitamin D and more

An expert panel has recently produced a white paper1 with a set of recommendations regarding the diet and micronutrient supplement needs of the Swiss and wider European population, in order to support a well-functioning immune system for optimal health.

The white paper states that, in recent publications, recommendations were made for nutrients to support well-functioning immune system in the general and healthy population. The paper particularly highlights the role of Vitamin D.

The document mentions Vitamin D levels are frequently suboptimal, inadequate or deficient, likely due to reduced exposure to sunlight and synthesis in the skin and that Vitamin D deficiency or inadequacy is associated with a general dysregulation of the innate and adaptive immune system as well as increased levels of inflammation.

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New Meta-Analysis: A higher dose of Omega-3 may increase protective effect on Cardiovascular Disease (CVD).

A long-awaited meta-analysis has been recently published (September 17, 2020) and correlates increased Omega-3 oral intakes to positive cardiovascular benefits. A total of 40 studies combining 135,267 participants, were included in the analysis.

The article, which was published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings, found that EPA/DHA supplementation was associated with the following major reductions in cardiovascular outcomes: 35% reduced risk of fatal myocardial infarction (MI), 13% reduced risk of MI, 10% reduced risk of coronary heart disease (CHD) events, 9% reduced risk of CHD mortality and 5% reduction of cardiovascular disease (CVD) event.

More importantly, there was a protective effect when increasing the dosage. An additional one gram per day of EPA + DHA resulted in an additional, statistically significant, 9% reduction in the risk of MI and 5.8% reduction in the risk of CVD events.

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We know how and where our Bacopa is harvested, do you?

Proprietary Bacognize® Extract is a scientifically researched, natural standardized formula derived from Bacopa monnieri known to promote cognitive function, cognitive acuity, focus without stimulating side effects, and working memory.

Bacopa is a low-lying perennial succulent plant known to filter toxins from its surrounding environment. This water-loving herb grows in ponds, tidal lands, and wetlands in the tropical climates of Southern and Eastern India, Australia, Europe, Africa, Asia, Sri Lanka, and North and South America.

A majority of Bacopa in India is grown in the rice paddy fields of Eastern and North-Eastern India after the rice crop harvest, where the soil is known to have trace residue of agricultural herbicides and pesticides commonly used in rice agriculture and harvest, which has the potential to contaminate the botanical. Moreover, traditional open drying practices are not controlled to protect the Bacopa crop from possible fungal growth during storage that may also lead to contamination.

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Product Highlight: L-Glutathione

Referred to as “the mother of all the antioxidants”, glutathione is involved in many processes in the body including tissue building and repair, making chemicals and proteins needed in the body and for the immune system.

Synthetic glutathione is commonly found in the market. Nevertheless, chemical synthesis might lead to high impurities in the product and reduced shelf life, due to its poor stability.  

Our L-Gluthatione is natural, obtained by fermentation and it is animal-free. It is suitable for vegetarian and vegans and Kosher certified. Our supplier, a large pharma manufacturer, based in China, operates following GMP standards and ensures 3 years’ shelf life on the ingredient.

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New research: Iodine supplementation to boots iodine levels in post-pregnancy women

Featuring PureSea® seaweed ingredients

Iodine status in pregnant and post-partum women is insufficient according to a new Norwegian study, which reveals it takes around 18 months before levels reach adequate levels achieved in pregnancy.

The new study found iodine status at its lowest in women six weeks post-partum, with milk and iodine supplements proving effective at raising iodine levels. For more about this article click here

Despite the essential nature of the nutrient, several studies show deficiency across European populations generally, and with pregnant women specifically.  Alongside the Norwegian research, which highlights insufficient iodine status in the 416 women part of the study, there is also a study published in The Lancet, which states that 62% of pregnant women in the UK are deficient in iodine. 

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Bacognize® for Growing eSports Market

According to a report by Goldman Sachs, the eSports market is poised to reach a value of $3 million dollars by 2022 with an estimated monthly viewership of nearly 300 million people.1 With prizes earning players thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars per game, it is essential to be focused not only during game play, but also during cognitive training. This need is one the market is looking to fill swiftly in response to the mental and emotional challenges of game play.

Increasingly, eSports gamers are seeking out healthy ways to maintain focus and mental clarity without jitters or other negative side effects to reach peak performance and remain calm under pressure. In fact, many teams employ trainers and strategists to help support a player’s goals for optimized mental vitality.2

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