Golden Omega®: Now Green-e™ Certified!

We are proud to announce that our partner Golden Omega®, leading manufacturer of Omega-3 concentrates, has received certification for the use of clean and renewable energy in its facility based in the north of Chile, from Center for Resource Solutions (CRS). Read the full Golden Omega® press release here.

After assessing the long-term contracts that Golden Omega® has with its provider of power supplies, CRS were able to certify that the energy used in their facilities came 100% from clean, renewable sources, including hydropower, solar and wind, which are in compliance with the strict requirements for the Green-e™ certification. 

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Discover Naticol®’s unique mechanism of action

Thanks to the unique manufacturing process for Naticol® fish collagen peptides, which starts from the selection of fish skins containing a high ratio of hydroxyproline (similar to the hydroxyproline found in humans) to the enzymatic hydrolysis where essential amino acid building blocks are broken into smaller parts, Naticol® fish collagen peptides are better and faster assimilated in the body, according to scientific research by our manufacturing partners.

When it comes to collagen peptides, there are two important aspects to take into consideration: the nutritional and biological benefits.

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Product Highlight: Methylcobalamin (Vitamin B12)

LEHVOSS Nutrition offer Methylcobalamin, a water-soluble vitamin as part of our core product range across the whole of Europe. This material has gone through an extensive technical approval process to ensure we offer the highest quality which is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. We carry this ingredient in stock on a normal basis*.

Methylcobalamin is a naturally occurring form of Vitamin B12 that you can get through many food sources and/or supplements. It differs from cyanocobalamin in that the cyanide is replaced by a methyl group. The liver converts cyanocobalamin to methylcobalamin which is the activated form of Vitamin B12.

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Formulation ideas from LEHVOSS: Longvida® & Bacognize® for complete Neural Support

Have you ever thought about combining Longvida® with Bacognize®? The combination of these two well-known, proven branded ingredients in cognitive health formulations may support against oxidative stress, AGE formation, and free radicals, while regulating serotonergic activity; resulting in brain support for memory, mood, focus, and energy.

Bacognize® Extract is a proprietary, natural standardized formula derived from Bacopa monnieri, known to promote cognitive function, in particular working memory, mood, emotional balance, focus and sleep support. Clinical published data on healthy young, educated adults with already high cognitive abilities shows impressive results in memory abilities, recall and language comprehension1.

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Webinar: Effects of Pomella® on AGEs reduction

(Exclusive to our registered customers)

Listen in as Jim Roufs, MS, RD examines a clinical publication measuring the effects Pomella® has on reducing AGEs (advanced glycation end-products) in this interesting webinar.

Jim notes his excitement about the results showing reduced AGE formation at a feasible dose amount, “we’ve read somewhere between 12,000-15,000 clinical research studies, I still think this is the most remarkable finding with a dietary supplement that I have ever seen.”

When skin is exposed to oxidative stress, the effectiveness of the endogenic antioxidant system can be significantly compromised. Pomegranate, a natural advanced glycation end product (AGEs) inhibitor shows great potential for anti-glycation, a major contributor to slowing the progression of skin damage.

Watch the webinar now (please login with your credentials before your access to this link)

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Prebiotic, Probiotics and Postbiotics: New Epicor Video

Thanks to their stability, postbiotic fermentates have the opportunity to be the new market leader in the gut-health space. EpiCor®, a postbiotic fermentate made through a specialized fermentation process, has a wealth of science supporting its immune and gut health benefits.  A new video by Embria Health Sciences explains the roles of prebiotics and probiotics and why postbiotics like EpiCor® may be beneficial, especially when supplemented.

Talking about postbiotics and gut health, we would like to highlight an interview by Nutritional Outlook, to Dr Justin Green, Ph.D., Director of Scientific Affairs at Embria Health Sciences where it was mentioned that consumers are always looking for better ways to support their gut and that postbiotics don’t add more bugs to the system, they simply support the bacteria that we currently have, so that we are building on the story of the microbiome.

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OptiMSM®: Informed Ingredient® Certified

OptiMSM® is benefiting now from a new certification category recently added to the Informed Family Program. For many years, every batch of OptiMSM® was tested and certified for Informed Sports®, a certification aimed at finished Sport Nutrition products. This certification, supported by Bergstrom and LEHVOSS Nutrition for the EU market, was aimed to offer additional testing to customers targeting the Informed Sport® certification in their final product.

From the 1st of February, in addition to Informed Sport® and Informed Choice® which are now certifications for finished food supplement products only, there is a new certification in place called Informed Ingredient® to which OptiMSM® has immediately adhered to. What advantages can you take from this?

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AstaPure®: Benefits of Astaxanthin on Cardiovascular Health

According to data obtained from the World Health Organization, cardiovascular diseases accounted for 31% of all causes of death in 2016, and they are considered as the leading cause of mortality worldwide. As oxidative stress and inflammation are interrelated and contribute to the initial events of cardiovascular diseases, antioxidants that modulate redox balance, such as astaxanthin, may be considered as important regulators of inflammatory responses and have become the focus of research to evaluate whether and how they prevent these diseases. This has been confirmed by a new interesting study recently published.

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Winter and skin: Naticol® and water to replenish and rehydrate

Winter is a critical season for the skin. With its cold temperatures, low humidity and wind, these together affect the skin, leaving it dry and chapped, which unfortunately does not help skin aging. For example the epidermis thins, cell renewal slows down, and collagen is lost or damaged.

Naticol® is a high-quality source of natural fish collagen peptides, clinically researched for skin support. One clinical study using 5g of Naticol® ingested on a daily basis, for 8 weeks, demonstrated that, regular intake of Naticol® fish collagen peptides improved skin firmness while also indicating preventive effects of Naticol® on skin dehydration, due to cold weather conditions1. Skin benefits were also achieved with a lower dose, in another study using 2.5g of Naticol® per day2.

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Apple Cider Vinegar: More popular than you think!

(This article also features details on our apple cider vinegar powder)

Despite apple cider vinegar being a well-known ingredient, used in our industry for many years, it is still and rapidly gaining popularity due to the many suggested health benefits.

According to research, it benefits include jump-starting the digestive system which improves metabolism, contributing to weight loss, balances the body’s pH system and providing support for gut health. A research neuroscientist who studies food addiction and early-life nutrition said, in a recent interview by Nutritional Outlook, that apple cider vinegar’s main role is in supporting gut health. She explained that apple cider vinegar is made from fermented apples, making it rich in probiotics, which is beneficial for the body in many ways. Click here to access the full article.

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