Witholytin®: Ashwagandha with Integrity & More. Watch the Webinar Now!

Explore this latest webinar featuring the esteemed researcher, Dr. Stephen Smith and gain valuable insight into the latest research supporting Witholytin® and its advantages for improving fatigue and stress, with results indicating a 45.81% decrease in the Chalder Fatigue Scale (CFS) and a 38.59% reduction in stress levels, in comparison to the baseline after a 12-week period.

During the second part, Elan Sudberg, CEO of Alkemist Labs will delve into the importance of botanical integrity. You will discover how Alkemist Assured™ was created to ensure the quality of ingredients by testing the identity, potency, and contamination, and how Witholytin® has officially been recognised as the world’s first Alkemist Assured™ Ashwagandha.

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Witholytin® is a sustainably produced ashwagandha extract, standardised to a unique profile of withanolides. Embracing an adaptogenic approach, this premium, branded ingredient is backed by research highlighting its remarkable effectiveness in managing fatigue and stress.

With the rising popularity of Ashwagandha, concerns have been raised regarding adulteration and labelling accuracy. To address these worries, it's crucial to implement strict testing methods and transparent, published methodologies. While Witholytin® undergoes testing following the USP methodology, our partners Verdure Sciences® have gone a step further by creating and validating a UHPLC−PDA method for the simultaneous estimation of 11 withanolides, showing their commitment to responsibility and transparency.

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