New! Benicaros®, the “Smart” Solution for Immune and Gut

Introducing Benicaros®, a sustainable, plant-based, clean label “precision” prebiotic, carrot fibre  with good solubility and excellent organoleptic properties.

Benicaros® is backed by research demonstrating  its ability to train the immune system for smarter, faster and stronger responses and stimulate beneficial gut bacteria and their metabolites in any type of gut ecosystem.

The patented, cRG-I (carrot pectin-derived polysaccharide enriched in rhamnogalacturonan-I) is sustainably extracted from upcycled carrot pomace and according to science, it modulates the gut microbiota composition for a healthier gut ecosystem and specific immune health benefits.


Scientific studies reveal that Benicaros® remains intact as it reaches the gut. Once there, it works in two different ways: improving the response of innate immune cells for faster, more effective reactions1, and consistently boosting beneficial gut microbiome which specifically targets certain gut microbes linked with human health, regardless of initial gut bacteria makeup2. Additionally, it significantly increases the production of short-chain fatty acids (like acetate, propionate, and butyrate) with much less gas production compared to typical prebiotics.

Furthermore, toxicity studies3 have demonstrated that Benicaros® is safe and in all published human clinical trials no adverse effects have been reported.

To learn more about this exciting new ingredient and all its benefits, download our Benicaros® Product Profile Sheet here or contact us.

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