We source our selected raw materials and branded ingredients worldwide, seeking and partnering to bring the best in terms of quality, full traceability and added-value.

Sport Nutrition

Gee Lawson offers a unique range of branded ingredients, backed by science and research, in the area of ports/performance nutrition and weight management. All of our products are free of any doping ingredients, to ensure your final products are safe and results-oriented.

Alongside our value-added ingredients we can also offer plant-based proteins, greens and superfood blends, ergogenic aids, coenzyme Q10, antioxidants, vitamins & minerals, BCAA’s and other amino acids, minerals and more.

We can offer the following range:
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The products listed on this website do NOT have to be labelled as Genetically Modified (GM) under EC Regulations EC/1829/2003 and EC/1830/2003.