It’s Summer! Let’s care for our skin with OptiMSM®

Protecting our hair, skin and nails during those summer months is of great importance. Aging skin can occur rapidly due to UV rays, poor nutrition, and environmental toxins. It requires nutrients to help maintain a healthy structure and function so that it is more resilient to the aging process.

Sulphur is a critical nutrient which helps support healthy aging with its regulation of glutathione and other mechanisms in the body. Because of this, OptiMSM® can help support healthy skin, hair & nails, and play a role in the inflammatory process as it works at the molecular level to promote proper cell structure and function so that your skin stays stronger for longer.1

Not only that, but research also suggests OptiMSM® helps the appearance of younger-looking skin, improved skin strength & elasticity, and helps to hydrate and tone skin. A study using 1g of OptiMSM® a day, taken orally, found significant improvements in wrinkles, firmness, hydration, and elasticity within just 4 weeks.2

For 30 years, OptiMSM® has set the MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) standard for purity, safety & consistency in nutritional and topical applications for healthy aging, joint support, muscle recovery, and hair, skin & nail products.

OptiMSM® is manufactured in the U.S. in a single-purpose production facility and purified through a proprietary multi-stage distillation process. It is available in two grades: microprill for traditional formulations such as tablets and capsules, and flakes for ready-to-drink sachets, liquid shots, powder blends and more.

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