ISSFAL supports 'important role' for omega-3s for lower pre-term birth risks

Featuring Golden Omega®

According to a new statement from the International Society for the Study of Fatty Acids and Lipids (ISSFAL), women with low omega-3 levels in early pregnancy would benefit from taking omega-3 supplementation to reduce the risk of pre-term birth.

This newly published statement also noted that a DHA plus EPA dose of 1000mg per day is effective at reducing the risk of pre-term pregnancy, with best results when supplementation starts before week 20 of the development inside the womb between conception and birth. For full details of the study, please click here.

Pregnancy is an exciting period in women’s life and comes with a lot of responsibility when making life and health choices. Taking care of what we eat every day and choosing the right food supplements are of paramount importance.

Therefore ensuring quality and certifications in the fish oil concentrate you pick for your next Omega-3 food supplement for pregnancy support is key. 

LEHVOSS Nutrition are the exclusive distributor in Europe for the leading worldwide brand in fish oil concentrates, Golden Omega®. They are pure quality Omega-3s up to 750mg/g EPA + DHA combined thanks to  a unique technology, which allows Golden Omega® to remove unwanted compounds in the oil even below EU regulations. The EE concentrates are Gardner colour 2 or below, and the TG concentrates are Gardner colour 3 or below, in other words, “purity that you can see”.

Furthermore, Golden Omega®’s production technologies utilise 100% renewable energy making them Green-e™ certified. Other certifications include IFOS, Marin Trust, Friend of the Sea and Dolphin Save.

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