Golden Omega®: Now Green-e™ Certified!

We are proud to announce that our partner Golden Omega®, leading manufacturer of Omega-3 concentrates, has received certification for the use of clean and renewable energy in its facility based in the north of Chile, from Center for Resource Solutions (CRS). Read the full Golden Omega® press release here.

After assessing the long-term contracts that Golden Omega® has with its provider of power supplies, CRS were able to certify that the energy used in their facilities came 100% from clean, renewable sources, including hydropower, solar and wind, which are in compliance with the strict requirements for the Green-e™ certification. 

This is a great addition to the list of certifications already obtained by Golden Omega® and shows how committed they are to providing the highest quality range of pure fish oil concentrates. Golden Omega® maintain an ongoing, long-term commitment to environmental protection and the sustainable management of resources, which include actions that exceed compliance with current regulations, as well as active cooperation with national authorities and organisations.

LEHVOSS Nutrition offer across Europe a full range of Golden Omega® fish oil concentrates up to 700mg/g EPA + DHA combined, obtained only from anchovies of the South Pacific. The purity of this material is due to a unique technology which allows Golden Omega® to remove unwanted compounds in the oil even below EU regulations. The EE concentrates are Gardner colour 2 or below, and the TG concentrates are Gardner colour 3 or below, in other words, “purity that you can see”

To learn more about the Golden Omega® Fish Oil Concentrates, visit our dedicated page or contact us.