DHA and Carotenoids: the effective combination for eye care

Thanks to the technology behind Golden Omega, high concentrations of DHA can be achieved to benefit from the EFSA health claim on maintenance of normal vision.  Together with XanMax®, a unique combination of Lutein and Zeaxanthin, scientifically proven to support healthy macula, we offer an effective foundation for your next eye care food supplement.

A randomized, double blind, placebo controlled, parallel study was recently conducted with XanMax® in elderly volunteers for a duration of 180 days. Statistically significant results demonstrated that  XanMax® supports healthy macula through deposition of optimal levels of carotenoid pigments.

Golden Omega’s production technologies utilise 100% renewable energy and represent the new generation of purification and concentration of omega-3 processes. As a result, Golden Omega fish oil concentrates are very transparent and light in colour, with contaminants far below the regulatory guidelines. Omega-3 DHA benefits from the EFSA approved healthy claim on support of normal vision.

Furthermore, Golden Omega is the only producer of omega-3 concentrates strategically located in the middle of the richest fishing ground for anchovy in the world (South Pacific Ocean). Anchovies from the South Pacific Ocean naturally contain a high level of EPA and DHA in their fat (normally around 25-30%), and live a very short life (around 15 to 18 months) compared to other fish species. Thus, they accumulate less contaminants or heavy metals naturally present in the waters.

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