XANMAX® Lutein & Zeaxanthin

Also known as: Lutein , Zeaxanthin , Marigold extract
Distributed by LEHVOSS in: All Europe
Code: 26000549
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KatraPhytochem is a growing company established in 1996, focused on segregation, isolation, purification and formulation of carotenoids from different bio sources that are highly purified to meet the global Nutraceutical market.


KatraPhytochem represents an exceptional source for high quality nutraceutical ingredients, such as XanMax®  a patented combination of natural lutein and zeaxanthin, and many more.


XanMax® is more than lutein: it is a unique combination of free lutein with varying levels of zeaxanthin, manufactured from carefully selected marigold plants.


In addition to XanMax® and thanks to our partnership with KatraPhytochem across Europe, we can also offer:

  • Lutein esters in powder, beadlets and oil (different concentrations)

  • Zeaxanthin in powder, beadlets and oil (different concentrations)


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