Verdure Sciences: Sustainability for a successful Tomorrow.

Featuring also: Longvida and Pomella new videos

The definition of sustainability, itself, implies the responsibility to be a good steward of the earth. Through traditional cultivation and harvesting techniques, our partners Verdure Sciences actively promote biodiversity and sustainable wild-crafting of important medicinal plants and herbs. Additionally, they have made significant efforts to promote sustainable agriculture for some of the key branded ingredients such as Longvida®, WokVel® and Pomella®, which  LEHVOSS Nutrition proudly represents.

In conjunction with these efforts, a number of eco-friendly initiatives are in place. For example, one manufacturing facility has increased the use of solar and thermal energy to maximise efficiency. The plant based byproduct, wchich remains after processing, is also utilized to heat the facility and also donated to the local farmers to be used as a fertilizer.

Verdure Sciences works hard to cultivate sustainable, long-term relationships with customers and key distribution partners like us. Their proprietary, clinically researched ingredients are designed to promote the sustainability and life cycle of the consumer products they are added to.

Discover more by watching the following two new videos about Longvida and Pomella Traceability. Click here to watch  the Wokvel® Traceability video. Contact us for more information.

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