Celebrating International Women’s Day with Veri-te®

Veri-te® is a well-established brand, supported by scientific research and EU Novel Food approval. With over 13 proprietary studies to its name, Veri-te® offers a wealth of health benefits for women, especially for menopause, bone health, cardiovascular and cognitive well-being.

Veri-te® is produced using innovative "Precision" fermentation technology by Evolva® which ensures purity levels exceeding 98%, free from contaminants.

This reliable, scalable, and versatile solution is suitable for various applications and offers an impressive shelf life of five years, reaffirming its commitment to quality and stability.

The RESHAW study stands as the longest and largest clinical trial conducted on postmenopausal women, highlighting a multitude of positive outcomes linked to Veri-te®. The findings highlight notable improvements in menopausal symptoms, pain sensitivity, mood, sleep quality, and overall wellness.1-4

Findings from other studies indicated that Veri-te® had a beneficial impact on bone density, primarily by promoting bone formation or mineralisation5, and the potential to reduced oral inflammation linked to periodontitis and improve the efficacy of the standard treatment6.

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