Veri-te®: Explore the Largest & Longest Study on Postmenopausal Women

Approved in the EU under the Novel Food Regulation, Veri-te® is a premium source of resveratrol produced using Evolva's advanced Swiss technology through the innovative yeast "Precision" Fermentation Process. With over 13 proprietary studies to its name, Veri-te® offers a wealth of health benefits for menopause, bone health, cardiovascular, cognitive well-being and much more.

The RESHAW study, represents the most extensive and longest clinical trial carried out  on postmenopausal women and highlights numerous positive benefits associated with Veri-te®.1-4

The results revealed significant improvements in menopausal symptoms, pain perception, mood, sleep quality, and overall well-being.1-4 

That’s not all, Veri-te® is a well-known brand which is considered a key ingredient for "healthy living". Veri-te® is available as a >98% trans-Resveratrol powder, offering many other advantages including reliability, scalability and versatility, plus its benefits from being soluble in water and boosts an impressive shelf life of five years.

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