Bacognize® Bacopa: Sustainability & Social Responsibility Goals

LEHVOSS Nutrition are very proud to present Verdure Sciences Sustainability Report 2022 which includes their continued support to provide sustainable and traceable Bacognize®.

Verdure Sciences continue to build relationships with family farms who cultivate bacopa in Western India and thanks to this cultivation switch, the farmers income has increased by three times. Not only that, but the clean supply chain with controlled drying and collection technics has improved drying time by 50% in contrast to sun drying, thanks to the implementation of polyhouse technology. Furthermore, it helps mitigate fungus, mycotoxins, & insect infestations thus improving the impurity profile. In addition to this exciting news, the conversion to USA organic certified which began in 2022 is anticipated to have a completion date of 2025.

This is all part of Verdure Sciences internal mission, Verdugration® and its’ counterpart, Verdure Cares® which aim to bring meaningful messaging to foundational corporate initiatives. “Verdugration®” encompasses sustainable, traceable, and transparent practices for the processes, plants, and planet. “Verdure Cares®” is a subset of the overarching program and focuses on sustainable relationships, partnerships and social impact. From employees, to farmers, cultivators, and harvesters, to distributors and customers, Verdure sciences aims to forge long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships. 

Distributed throughout Europe via LEHVOSS Nutrition, Bacognize® is a clean-label, natural standardised extract derived from Bacopa monnieri, clinically proven to support memory, mood, attention, focus, emotional balance and quality of sleep (for information on the latest research click HERE). This is all while offering complete nootropic support without stimulating side effects.

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