Golden Omega® receives SSIndex Certification for the second year

We are extremely proud to be partnered with principals such as Golden Omega® who have committed to a sustainability strategy based around four pillars: environmental care, comprehensive development of their team, to promote business ethics and add value to the community.

For the second consecutive year, Golden Omega® have conducted a survey to understand the perception of employees, customers, suppliers and the community on their performance in environmental, social and governance issues, and therefore obtaining the SSIndex certification. They had a great response this year, improving on last year on both suppliers’ and customers’ ratings.  

For Golden Omega®, being sustainable is more than a mission statement. They always ensure that those who supply them, develop their activities in a manner that is as responsible as they themselves would be. They use only pure anchovy and jack mackerel from the South Pacific, and have successfully been audited by ORIVO to obtain this certification of origin.

LEHVOSS Nutrition are the exclusive distributor in Europe for Golden Omega® fish oil concentrates which are pure quality Omega-3s up to 750mg/g EPA + DHA combined. The purity of the oil is due to a unique technology, which allows Golden Omega® to remove unwanted compounds in the oil even below EU regulations.

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