PureSea®: Essential Nutrients for Sports & Recovery

PureSea® is the gold-standard seaweed ingredient, with essential nutrients that can aid sports performance and recovery.

Research has demonstrated that athletes are at a greater risk of iodine deficiency due to loss of iodine from sweat and urine, which is higher when exercising and consuming more fluids.

A study investigated the loss of iodine from the sweat of footballers. The study analysed male footballers’ sweat and urine samples that had been collected over an 8-day period. The results suggested that the average footballer lost around 52μg/L of iodine an hour.1

Another study found that after vigorous activity the mean sweat lost was 4-5 litres, of which contained 35-40μg/L of iodine. This suggests that the average sweat lost during the activity period is the equivalent to the UK reference nutrient intake (RNI) of 150μg per day.2

Therefore, it is easy to see how, over time, consistent sweating during exercise could result in severe deficiency. PureSea® is the perfect plant-based, natural solution to supplement Iodine. It is a natural, plant-based, organic certified ingredient free from allergens, which offers uniquely DNA authentication and traceability with every batch, meaning you can rely on its safe and consistent iodine level results every time. Plus, a small inclusion of PureSea® enables up to six EFSA approved health claims.

Why not combine PureSea® with magnesium or potassium from our high-quality PHARMAGNESIA® minerals range enabling further EFSA approved health claims such as contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolism and normal muscle function.

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