Tinofend®, WokVel® & Holy Basil: The Perfect Synergy for Histamine Support

With the first days of spring and warmer months fast approaching, your customers will be searching for the perfect set of ingredients in a natural antihistamine product. Let LEHVOSS Nutrition help you to meet your customers’ expectations.

Tinofend® has been clinically researched, demonstrating positive benefits for the human immune system, not to mention its all-natural histamine-modulation support.

Tinofend® in combination with WokVel®, boswellia extract, a natural herb used for centuries for its healing properties, may be a perfect combination to support respiratory health.

In addition to this, Holy Basil is well-known for promoting a calming, balanced stress relief.

Tinofend® is a proprietary Tinospora cordifolia extract, standardised to active polysaccharides, and offers a proprietary complex of adaptogenic polysaccharides and polyphenols associated with immuno-supportive properties.

WokVel® extract contains a proprietary, natural complex of boswellic acids with clinical research to support its ability to mediate pro-inflammatory biomarkers.

Our Holy Basil is a high quality, botanical ingredient from holy basil leaves, standardised to ursolic acid. Holy basil is one of the most preeminent herbs used in Ayurveda with scientific data showing its adaptogenic benefits.

All these three ingredients are manufactured by our partners Verdure Sciences®, the makers of Longvida®. Find out more about them by visiting our Tinofend®WokVel® and Holy Basil dedicated pages or contact us.