Product Highlight: PLANTNUTRA® NATURAL BETA-CAROTENE from Dunaliella

From our PlantNatura® range, LEHVOSS Nutrition now have in stock and ready for delivery our natural beta-carotene from Dunaliella which is a high quality source of provitamin A, and also a powerful antioxidant. This product is fully compliant with EU regulations.

Most synthetic beta-carotene on the market consist of only one molecule called all trans beta-carotene. Natural beta-carotene is made of two molecules, all trans beta-carotene and 9-cis beta-carotene.  According to research, natural beta-carotene may possibly have a different and more beneficial activity from synthetic form.

Regardless of this open debate, we believe that our natural beta-carotene fits into today’s market need for plant-derived, all natural supplement alternatives.

Additionally by adding beta-carotene to your next formulation means you could benefit from one of the many EFSA approved health claims such as contributes to normal iron metabolism, normal vision and normal function of the immune system.

For more information, visit our PlantNutra® natural beta-carotene dedicated page or contact us.