PureSea®: Improving focus and mental agility in later life

As people age, the brain naturally changes, affecting memory, learning and other aspects of focus and mental agility. However, research indicates that lifestyle behaviours – including nutrition – can preserve and enhance cognitive function for longer1. With 57% of consumers over the age of 45 reporting that memory issues impact their current health2, there’s a market need for supplements aimed at supporting brain health & function of the older generations. Certain nutrients, such as iodine, are essential for optimising cognitive function and energy levels, and are more likely to appeal to our bodies when they come from natural, organic certified and sustainable sources such as PureSea®.

PureSea® gold-standard seaweed is ideal for including in cognitive and brain health blends to allow for the use of relevant EU approved health claims around cognitive function, energy yielding metabolism and nervous system.

PureSea® is natural, plant-based, organic certified, kosher, and allergen free. It’s also uniquely DNA authenticated and traceable, with every batch measured for iodine levels - evidencing safe and consistent results over many years of production.

Combining the essential nutrition of PureSea® with Vitamin B5, Vitamin E, PureWay-C®, Bacognize® and Longvida® provides a simple blend with additional health claims which could help improve mood, focus and mental agility later in life. Why not learn more about the ready-made formulations we have developed by contacting your local sales representative.

For more information, visit our PureSea® dedicated page or click here to download the PureSea® cognitive review paper.


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