EpiCor® Pets: New In-home Study

A new study, awaiting for publication, was performed over 60 days to evaluate indicators of health, wellness and vitality along with changes in the gut microbiome in dogs receiving either a daily supplement with or without, EpiCor® Pets Postbiotic. The daily supplement was given in chew form (7 mg/kg BW of EpiCor® Pets) to 348 dog owners recruited from across the U.S. randomly allotted to two treatment groups blocked by breed, body weight (BW) and age. Faecal for metagenomics were collected at day 0, day 30 and day 60.

Some key findings from the study found that by day 60, dogs supplemented with EpiCor® Pets were 67% more likely to receive a higher mobility rating, 95% more likely to receive a higher immune health rating and significantly more likely to have less breath odour than control dogs. Click here to read the full summary.

LEHVOSS Nutrition offer EpiCor® Pets in addition to the well-known, leading worldwide branded ingredient EpiCor® for food supplements. While prebiotics are energy for the beneficial bacteria in the gut and probiotics are the live microorganisms that, once introduced into the gut are expected to remain alive to produce the beneficial metabolites, postbiotics which already deliver the metabolites (produced through fermentation outside the body) to support the pet's overall health: all without stability issues or reliability on the gut microbiome.

Furthermore EpiCor® Pets is natural, with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, it is non-animal derived and has a great palatability.  For more information, visit our EpiCor® Pets dedicated page or contact us.