NEW Pomella® Study Shows Benefits on Skin Health

Listen to Dr Raja Sivamani, MD, MS, AP as he explains the new research (awaiting for publication) supporting skin health benefits, associated influence on the skin-gut axis, and beauty from within, by supplementing with 250mg/day of pomegranate ellagitannins from Pomella® extract.

A double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized study was conducted on 18 healthy males and females (aged 25-55) over a 4 week period. Each subject was given 250mg capsule of Pomella® containing 75mg of punicalagin per capsule and an oral placebo daily.

Raja talks about the promising evidence taken from this clinical trial that indicates a significant improvement in multiple markers associated with visible wrinkles and moisture in a healthy population. Plus the impact to specific skin health bacteria strains and skin elasticity improvement and, strong evidence supporting the skin-gut axis.

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As a natural pomegranate extract, Pomella® was developed to deliver benefits through the antioxidant polyphenols, in particular ellagitannins, such as punicalagins and their gut-derived metabolites, urolithins. The potent antioxidant properties of Pomella® support a wide variety of applications, including healthy aging, cardiovascular health, cognitive wellness, digestive and gut health, beauty from within, and much more.

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