PureSea®: Say Hello to Holistic Snacking

While snacking used to be seen as a rare indulgence between meals, over recent years it’s taken on a different role in our diet and lifestyle. As snacking increases, the definition of what a ‘snack’ is has never been broader, providing huge opportunity for innovation in this category. 

Snacks are no longer simply stopgaps between mealtimes, but an opportunity for consumers to fulfil their nutritional goals and needs – including for essential vitamins and minerals that they may not be getting from their meals. This is increasingly the case for those following more plant-based diets, who risk eliminating essential nutrients such as iodine from their diets when they omit or reduce food groups such as fish and dairy.1

With almost two thirds of consumers now looking for functional benefits from their food choices2, there has never been a better time for manufacturers to look at how they can add nutritional value to their snack products. Progressively health-aware consumers are looking at the role that snacks can play in improving their wellbeing – especially in terms of the specific health benefits that they can provide.

In fact, 65% of consumers now recognise the link between good cognitive health and overall wellness3, and over half of consumers are now looking for products which can help to improve their metabolic health.4 Approved health claims relating to both cognitive health, metabolic function, and more, are able to be used by manufacturers, providing the product contains a sufficient amount of the nutrient relating to the claim.

A natural way of adding approved health claims to food products is through the use of PureSea® seaweed ingredients, with only 100mg needed per serving to provide a good source of iodine and allowing for the use of six approved health claims, surrounding supporting normal:

  • Cognitive function
  • Energy-yielding metabolism
  • Growth of children
  • Thyroid function
  • Skin health
  • Functioning of the nervous system

PureSea® Gold-Standard seaweed ingredients are sustainably wild-harvested and measured every batch for iodine levels, evidencing safe and consistent levels over many years of production. In addition to this, every batch is uniquely DNA authenticated to ensure full and transparent traceability.

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