New Ashwagandha Video: Traceability & Sustainability

Our partners, Verdure Sciences®, believe that corporate responsibility extends to all aspects of the business. They work closely with associations, companies, organizations, and people around the globe to promote public awareness of initiatives and strategies of sustainable, traceable, and certifiable practices. This integration, Verdugration®, is their commitment to these responsibilities.

Why not take the time to watch this new short video demonstrating the traceability and sustainability of Ashwagandha (Witholytin®). You will hear first-hand from the farmers who help grow & nurture the Ashwagandha to harvest. Click here to watch to the video.

Ashwagandha (Witholytin®) is a high quality, signature, botanical ingredient, standardised to 1.5% total withanolides from the roots.

With various studies supporting multiple benefits, ashwagandha is also known in Ayurveda as a natural adaptogen and holds a special place in several traditional Ayurvedic preparations similar to ginseng in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Ashwagandha is also known as “Indian winter cherry” or “Indian ginseng”. It has long been sought after for many uses, among them being the ability to promote energy, memory, strength, as well as provide potent antioxidant activity. Verdure Sciences® has also developed a UHPLC−PDA method for the simultaneous estimation of 11 withanolides.

For more information, visit our dedicated Ashwagandha (Witholytin®) page or contact us.