NEW: WokVel® for Companion Animals

In addition to our well-known, clinically researched WokVel® grade for food supplements, we are pleased to offer WokVel® for Pet Health. WokVel® is a sustainable Boswellia serrata extract, standardised to a proprietary, natural full spectrum of six major boswellic acids targeting 5-lipoxygenase and therefore a great plant based solution for humans and for animal joint health support and more.

According to research conducted by Banfield Pet Hospital, a growing population of pets, namely cats and dogs, are experiencing joint pain.1 The natural supplement market has an opportunity to meet those needs, and a variety of botanical ingredients are well poised to support the joint health segment. 

Boswellia serrata, for example, is growing in popularity as it offers opportunity for healthy joint benefits and a balanced inflammatory response supporting aging and active animals. In-vitro and Clinical research (human studies) on Verdure®’s Boswellia serrata extract, have shown support for joint function, healthy inflammatory responses, healthy joint aging, and improved joint integrity.2-5

WokVel® for Pets is plant based, “animal-friendly” solution, a fine powder that can be incorporated into dry mixes, wet foods, supplements, chews and treats, making it a great choice for our companion animals.

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