Citrus Bioflavonoids and their multiple benefits

For more than 10 years we have offered to our customers a high quality and consistent supply of citrus bioflavonoids for use in food supplements. The material is a fine powder (80mesh) with minimum 60% Hesperidin by HPLC, from sweet oranges.

Citrus flavonoids, especially those found in lemons like hesperidin, have been extensively researched. What is interesting about citrus flavonoids when managing blood glucose levels is their unique multipronged approach. Similar to other ingredients, citrus flavonoids help to improve insulin sensitivity and balance the inflammatory response,1 and because of their strong antioxidant capacity2,3 citrus flavonoids help to efficaciously manage blood glucose levels.

Hesperidin has also been reported to boost recovery after intense exercise by improving oxidation and inflammation. A recent study (2021) demonstrated that acute and chronic intake of 500mg of 2S-hesperidin in amateur cyclists, significantly improved anaerobic performance.4

Flavonoids may also play a role in protecting cognition, according to a Harvard study, published online in July 2021 by Neurology. Scientists evaluated the self-reported diet and memory information of more than 77,000 middle-aged men and women, who were followed for 20 years. After accounting for factors that could have affected cognition (such as age, weight, physical activity, alcohol intake, depression, and intake of nutrients other than flavonoids), scientists found that people with the highest daily flavonoid intakes were 19% less likely to report trouble with memory and thinking, compared with people who had the lowest daily flavonoid intakes.5

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