PlantNutra® Natural Green Superfood

LEHVOSS Nutrition are pleased to introduce, under their own brand name PlantNutra®, a green superfood powder, which is a natural, organically certified, plant-based, proprietary mix of various blends containing greens, fruit and berries, various vegetables and plant enzymes.  This is a “ready-to-order blend” and therefore a great solution for customers with little or no time to start a development project from scratch. It is also clean label: pesticides-free without any excipients.

Because of their highly concentrated nutrient profile, superfood blends are believed to support the immune system, boost energy and promote healthy digestion. 

Although they will never replace a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, green superfood powders do make a good option for people on the go.

This is a great addition to our already existing PlantNutra range consisting of Natural Vitamin D, Natural Potassium, Natural Vitamin E succinate and Natural Vitamin C from Acerola. Want to discover more? Why not contact us for more information.