New Ingredient: Amla by Verdure Sciences®

From the same producers of Longvida® and as part of our new PlantNutra® range, LEHVOSS Nutrition are now offering Amla by Verdure Sciences®, which is a high quality, signature, botanical ingredient, standardised to 45% tannins, 10% gallic acid and 1% vitamin C, obtained from the fruit. According to science, amla is a potent antioxidant with various studies supporting a multitude of tangible health benefits.

Our amla has been researched to demonstrate its neuroprotective potential effects, and also found to have positive effects on vascular health, blood glucose, and lipid count in people with type 2 diabetes through improved oxidative stress, nitric oxide bioavailability, and healthy blood flow support. Furthermore, amla has shown the ability to improve skin elasticity, thickness, structure, and overall health. For more information about the research supporting amla, visit our dedicated Product Profile Sheet available for download to all registered customers here.

Amla is an excellent source of various phytochemicals, such as terpenoids and flavonoids, minerals, vitamins (in particular vitamin c), and different tannins, which are believed to offer a number of beneficial effects. Hydrolysable tannins (emblicanin A and B) are among the major bioactive components responsible for the antioxidant benefits found in amla.

Our Amla is crafted and validated by Verdure Sciences, with a superior level of quality, accuracy and traceability as demonstrated in their other key branded ingredients. Amla can be used as an interesting option for cognitive formulations in combination with researched ingredients such as Longvida® and Bacognize® or why not combine with Pomella® for antioxidant, cardiovascular and 100% natural skin formulations (oral intake).

Discover more about this exciting plant-based solution by visiting our dedicated page or contact us for more information.