New Ingredient: Holy Basil by Verdure Sciences®

As part of our new PlantNutra® range, we are pleased to introduce Holy Basil as a signature ingredient by Verdure Sciences® (the makers of Longvida®).

Holy basil is often used in adaptogenic solutions targeting wellbeing, promoting calming attributes, alleviating stress, and offering restorative benefits for a balanced mood, emotional wellbeing and mental vitality. Therefore we feel it may be an interesting ingredient for a synergetic combination with Ashwagandha, Restoridyn®Longvida® or Bacognize®.

In Ayurveda, holy basil is a rasayana. Rasayanas are said to promote homeostasis, bring the body into balance, and restore the body's vitality.

An expanding body of scientific research (check our Holy Basil product profile sheet available for download) supports traditional applications of this valuable adaptogen. Studies suggest that holy basil has potential for antimicrobial, adaptogenic, anti-inflammatory, cognitive, cardio protective, immunomodulatory, and metabolic effects plus many others.

Our ingredient is manufactured from holy basil leaves, and standardised to ursolic acid. It is wild crafted, cultivated in India and produced through the integration of agricultural and production platforms with the aim of bringing innovation and health application solutions built on solid historical traditions. For more information please visit our Holy Basil dedicated page or contact us.