Tinofend®: the natural solution for beneficial histamine effects… and more

Tinofend® is a proprietary Tinospora cordifolia extract, standardised to active polysaccharides, with clinical studies showing positive benefits on immune function, antihistamine, adaptogenic and allergy support. Scientific research on Tinofend® has shown significant decrease of symptoms related to allergic rhinitis, stimulation of the activity of white blood cells, which regulate the immune response and reduction of the number of eosinophils (immune cells that release histamine). This makes Tinofend® an interesting ingredient for allergies and immunity support. 

Did you know that…..Tinospora cordifolia is an all-natural herbaceous vine native to India, commonly used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine. Ayurvedic physicians used parts of the entire botanical in their traditional remedies. It is widely consumed in Ayurveda as part of rasayana (rejuvenators), and its Sanskrit name, Amrita, translates to “immortality”.

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