Nutraingredients Awards: Longvida® finalist in two categories!

LEHVOSS Nutrition is very happy to announce that Longvida® Optimized Curcumin® is in the finalist list at the Nutraingredients Awards 2021 USA under two categories: Ingredient of the Year in Cognitive Function and Nutrition Research of the Year (second Swinburne study).

Winners will be announced the 14th of July 2021 on Attendance is free and the awards will start at 11am CT, Chicago and last approx. 35 minutes.

Longvida® has more than 10 human clinical publications demonstrating benefits in cognitive health.

Cognitive clinical facts at 400mg/day:

  • 75% increase in plasma catalase supporting antioxidant activity against oxidative stress.1
  • 15% reduction in tension-anxiety at 4 weeks with a sustained 17% reduction at 12 weeks in healthy adults.2,3,4
  • 31% increase in spatial memory & learning, which is centred in the hippocampus, the first part of the brain impacted by cognitive decline.2,3,4
  • 53% reduction in anger-hostility at 4 weeks and 64% at 12 weeks, supporting mental wellbeing & improved mood.2,3,4
  • 15% average reduction in fatigue in healthy older adults, suggesting significant improvements in overall mood.2,3,4
  • 25% improvement in working memory compared to placebo in healthy adults.2,3,4

One small, single daily dose of Longvida® (400mg) offered significant health benefits in just 30 days.1

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