NEW Longvida® SD Video

LEHVOSS Nutrition now offer a NEW Longvida® SD grade which comes in a very fine powder (100 mesh). This material disperses in water allowing customers to explore new and interesting delivery options for Longvida® such as sachets, ready-to-mix drinks, smoothies, shakes and much more. Watch this short video to see how easily Longvida® SD disperses in water.

Longvida® is the Cognitive Curcumin of Choice® and has more than 52 publications (including 28 human studies) for cognitive health, healthy aging, exercise recovery, joint health, oral health, vascular support, retinal health, oxidative stress, systemic inflammation, immune support and more.

Longvida® is also available in a standard grade and 400mg capsules along with other interesting concepts which we have developed thanks to our key partners. For more information, visit our Longvida® dedicated page or contact us for more information.