Restoridyn®: the power of polyphenols for Gut Health

According to research, Restoridyn® promotes a healthy balance of pro and anti-inflammatory biomarkers that may foster a healthy gut and healthy gut microbiome, by means of the conversion of punicalagins to urolithins paired with mediation of the gut barrier through curcuminoids for a synergistic approach.

Overall, a healthier gut can be attributed to the fuel it is provided through nutrition and the balance of microbiota forming a symbiotic gut microbiome,1 as well as regular and consistent exercise.2 The two-way interactions between polyphenols in Restoridyn® and the gut microbiota may contribute to a host of health benefits.

This two-way interaction entails microbial degradation of polyphenols and modulation of gut microbiota by polyphenols and their metabolites, which inhibits pathogenic bacteria and stimulates beneficial bacteria.3 Therefore, Restoridyn® may offer support for a healthy gut microbiome, as well as support recovery from exercise, improve immune health, and increase overall performance and stamina.

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