Formulation ideas: Longvida® SD for liquid applications

We have now upgraded our current Longvida® range offered in Europe with an advanced version of the soluble dispersible powder. The new Longvida® SD grade comes in a very fine powder (100 mesh) which easily disperses in water. We hope this will allow customers to explore new and interesting solutions such as sachets, ready-to-mix drinks, smoothies, shakes and much more.

Longvida® contains the natural antioxidant curcumin, optimized by SLCP™ formulation for maximum bioavailability into blood and target tissues. It supplies significant levels of free (not glucuronidated or inactivated) curcumin. With over 52 publications, Longvida® has repeatedly demonstrated its role in cognitive health, along with benefits in healthy aging, exercise recovery, joint support, oxidative stress, systemic inflammation, vascular support and more.

Longvida® is available from LEHVOSS Nutrition in a standard granular grade, SD fine powder and 400mg capsules. There are also other interesting concepts which we have developed thanks to our key partners. For more information, visit our Longvida® dedicated page or contact us for more information.