Sports and Active Lifestyles: What LEHVOSS Nutrition has to offer.

Nowadays, active and sports driven people are looking for healthy ways to reach the physical performance they desire while maintaining focus and positivity towards exercise. 

Whether your customer is an active person looking to exercise 3-4 times per week or an athlete, LEHVOSS Nutrition can offer some interesting solutions and great formulation ideas.

The role of inflammation and oxidative stress is key, particularly in sports recovery. The importance of this extends to active lifestyle consumers, as aging and additional stress potentially inhibits the recovery process. It also plays a significant role in how the immune system responds to challenges and how well and fast the body recovers from intensive exercise or a high-demanding active day.

OptiMSM®: Pure and researched MSM

OptiMSM® is a sulphur-containing food supplement ingredient manufactured by Bergstrom Nutrition with scientific evidence, which demonstrates its ability to improve inflammatory response, reduce oxidative stress and increase performance. In addition to all this, OptiMSM® is certified as Informed Ingredient®. Visit our OptiMSM® page to find out more.

LEHVOSS Nutrition suggests OptiMSM® as a stand-alone ingredient in capsules. Alternatively, add minerals to OptiMSM® and create an electrolyte soluble powder or liquid blend to rehydrate the body during or after exercise.

Bacognize® Bacopa Extract

According to a report by Goldman Sachs, the eSports market is poised to reach a value of $3 million by 2022. With prizes earning players thousands per game, it is essential to be focused not only during game play, but also during cognitive training.

ESports gamers are seeking out healthy ways to maintain focus and mental clarity without negative side effects to reach peak performance and remain calm under pressure. With many gamers turning to natural and healthy alternatives for cognitive support, Bacognize®, our clinically researched Bacopa Extract manufactured by Verdure Sciences, offers an exciting range of potential health benefits including cognitive acuity, focus without stimulating side effects, and working memory. Visit our Bacognize® Bacopa Extract page to find out more.

LEHVOSS Nutrition recommend a combination of Bacognize®, ashwagandha, amino acids and B Vitamins for overall Brain Health or, as an alternative, a combination of  Bacognize® and Longvida® for complete neural health.

Restoridyn® Polyphenol Blend

Restoridyn®, a synergistic blend of proprietary polyphenols (curcuminoids and pomegranate ellagitanins) offers an adaptogenic approach for recovery and immunity support. We see great potential as a synergistic solution targeting a new generation of sports and active peoples’ needs for recovery from exercise, decreased muscle soreness, cognitive wellbeing, immune support and gut health.

A new clinical study using Restoridyn®, found improvements on key pro and anti-inflammatory biomarkers for sports nutrition, muscle recovery, and immune health. Visit our Restoridyn® page to find out more.

Given its unique matrix of polyphenols and clinically proven efficacy, LEHVOSS Nutrition suggest Restoridyn® as a stand-alone ingredient or in combination with WokVel® for a  plant based solution to support joint health.

PureSea® Seaweed

PureSea® seaweed contains specific compounds (polyphenols and polysaccharides) that have been shown to affect both fat absorption and blood glucose release.  Additionally, the natural iodine levels in PureSea® allow for EFSA health claims, including supporting high-energy yield metabolism, which is a powerful statement when using on weight management products.

Extensive research on seaweed extracts has demonstrated an impact on reducing fat absorption through enzyme inhibition.  The polyphenols in PureSea® have shown to inhibit alpha-glucosidase enzymes, which are responsible for the digestion of carbohydrates and release of glucose to the blood, thus slowing the release of sugars and potentially reducing the glycemic response when used in or taken with food.

PureSea® Protect (micro-encapsulated) offers enhanced polyphenol release during the small intestine phase of digestion, targeting release of key nutrients providing opportunity for enhanced blood sugar and weight management. Visit our PureSea® page to find out more.

Due to the increasing awareness over Iodine deficiency, LEHVOSS Nutrition recommend adding Puresea® to nutritional blends for a balanced and complete nutritional profile.

The above is an overview of some key ingredients LEHVOSS Nutrition promote for Sports and Active Lifestyles. Contact your sales manager to learn more about them and for other interesting solutions.