Golden Omega®: When Quality meets Environmental Responsibility

At the end of 2020, the organization Recyclos SPA in Chile certified that throughout 2020 Golden Omega recycled 246.1kg of waste.

In other words, the eco-equivalence waste recovered by Golden Omega: 3 trees were not cut down, 1100 KWH of energy were saved, 8900 liters of water were saved, 185 liters of petrol were not used and 420 kilograms of CO2 were not emitted into the atmosphere.

Beyond the high quality range of pure and certified Golden Omega fish oil concentrates, there is a clear and continuous commitment from our principal to preserve natural resources and maintain a strong obligation towards a minimum footprint into the sea.

LEHVOSS Group and LEHVOSS Nutrition EU Division line up with this vision, as we fully embrace sustainability, social and environmental responsibility across the Group. Therefore, we are very proud to represent in Europe partners such as Golden Omega.  

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