EpiCor®: Fast Response (2 hours!) to Immune Support

What about having an immunity support ingredient that works after few hours of ingestion?

A well-known clinical trial (Jensen et al., 2011) shows evidence that EpiCor® starts to work within two (2) hours. This rapid response clinical trial was a randomised, double blind, placebo-controlled human clinical trial on healthy adults.

The results of this study showed that expression of the immune receptors was higher when subjects were treated with EpiCor® compared to when they were treated with placebo, indicating that Natural Killer (NK) cells had been activated within one or two hours. See below two figures that show the key results from this study.


Figure 1. The Effect of EpiCor on Serum Antioxidant Protection Capacity



Figure 2. The Effect of EpiCor on NK Cell Activation



Previous studies demonstrated EpiCor® as an overall immune modulator that may take two to four weeks for its effects to be fully realized. Two of those studies examinated the capability of EpiCor to enhance sIgA levels (Jensen et al., 2008 and Moyad et al., 2009). The study we mention on this article shows that EpiCor may also have rapid beneficial effects on the immune system.

For more information about this study please visit our dedicated EpiCor® page or download the study directly from here. Contact us to learn more.