OptiMSM® and the pet food market approach for 2021

What is great for you is great for them too: with this new marketing statement, our partner Bergstrom Nutrition has recently started to see great success in the USA pet food market with more expected to come in 2021.

The concept is quite simple: The same OptiMSM® that supports human joints and mobility does the same for your pets and it is beneficial for pet's overall health, including a healthy coat & nails, immunity, and reduced oxidative stress.

According to the data, the pet nutrition market is under­going a shift that mirrors recent trends in the human market. As more consumers become conscious of their own diets, they are also increasingly asking questions about what they are feeding their pets and searching for ingredients on par with what they would consume themselves.

Nowadays, the demand for premium ingredients in the animal nutrition market clearly supports a branded ingredient strategy. Now more than ever, consumers are prioritizing the safety and origin of the products they provide to their animal companions.

By using OptiMSM®, the only human-grade, USA-made MSM, pet owners are providing their pets the safest and highest quality MSM available.

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