We know how and where our Bacopa is harvested, do you?

Proprietary Bacognize® Extract is a scientifically researched, natural standardized formula derived from Bacopa monnieri known to promote cognitive function, cognitive acuity, focus without stimulating side effects, and working memory.

Bacopa is a low-lying perennial succulent plant known to filter toxins from its surrounding environment. This water-loving herb grows in ponds, tidal lands, and wetlands in the tropical climates of Southern and Eastern India, Australia, Europe, Africa, Asia, Sri Lanka, and North and South America.

A majority of Bacopa in India is grown in the rice paddy fields of Eastern and North-Eastern India after the rice crop harvest, where the soil is known to have trace residue of agricultural herbicides and pesticides commonly used in rice agriculture and harvest, which has the potential to contaminate the botanical. Moreover, traditional open drying practices are not controlled to protect the Bacopa crop from possible fungal growth during storage that may also lead to contamination.

Offering a clean label ingredient is of paramount importance for both Verdure Sciences and LEHVOSS Nutrition, and this has led to take additional initiatives to include traceable and sustainable solutions in managing the supply chain of Bacopa (to produce Bacognize®) so that a traceable and compliant ingredient is offered in Europe. For example, to harvest the botanical in specific areas with a steady supply of clean water and nothing else is cultivated. Verdure Sciences also undertake both in-house and third party ID testing techniques to ensure the proper identification of the Bacopa monnieri used in Bacognize® as sometimes it can be misunderstood for Centella asiatica.

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