Bacognize® for Growing eSports Market

According to a report by Goldman Sachs, the eSports market is poised to reach a value of $3 million dollars by 2022 with an estimated monthly viewership of nearly 300 million people.1 With prizes earning players thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars per game, it is essential to be focused not only during game play, but also during cognitive training. This need is one the market is looking to fill swiftly in response to the mental and emotional challenges of game play.

Increasingly, eSports gamers are seeking out healthy ways to maintain focus and mental clarity without jitters or other negative side effects to reach peak performance and remain calm under pressure. In fact, many teams employ trainers and strategists to help support a player’s goals for optimized mental vitality.2

With the uptick in eSports players turning to natural and healthy alternatives for cognitive support, Bacognize®, our clinically researched Bacopa Extract manufactured by Verdure Sciences,  offers an exciting range of potential health benefits including cognitive acuity, focus without stimulating side effects, and working memory.

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