Restoridyn® named Finalist for the Nutraingredients USA Awards 2020.

Restoridyn®, a synergistic sports nutrition blend of proprietary polyphenols, has been selected as a finalist for the NutraIngredients-USA Awards in the “Nutrition Research Project” category. The category rewards the most innovative and impactful nutrition research projects, pushing the boundaries of nutritional science.  

The main aim of research done on Restoridyn® was to bring awareness to the use of a proprietary blend of polyphenols (as curcuminoids and ellagitannins) to aid in the efficacy of a comprehensive exercise training program for all ages and levels of athletic ability, and in order to promote well-being.

Running is a popular activity/habit for exercise training because it requires very little cost-investment compared to other sports.  Unfortunately it can create soreness and inflammation, therefore making subsequent exercise more complicated.

A way to fight this is to use a comprehensive run-training-plan that takes into consideration exercise strategy, hydration, recovery, stretching, and nutritional habits. Of these components, the science behind nutritional habits and ingredient supplementation is still emerging, and the identification of food supplement ingredients that can be consumed regularly to support exercise recovery is of great need. Improving recovery will also make running more desirable for a larger segment of the population.

The research on Restoridyn® focused on recreational runners of various ages and abilities. Results provided substantiation of the efficacy of Restoridyn® and its flexible dosing, which can be personalized according to the amount of effort in a given exercise session.

LEHVOSS Nutrition looks forward to the announcement on July 13th.

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