Key facts about our Omega-3 Concentrates

Our partner Golden Omega is the only producer of omega-3 concentrates strategically located in the middle of the richest fishing ground for anchovy in the world (South Pacific Ocean).

Anchovies from the South Pacific Ocean naturally contain a high level of EPA and DHA in their fat (normally around 25-30%), and live a very short life (around 15 to 18 months) compared to other fish species. Thus, they accumulate less contaminants or heavy metals naturally present in the waters.

Another key value proposition for our partner Golden Omega is the development and implementation of effective technology and innovation in the world of the omega-3 fatty acids.

Golden Omega’s production technologies utilise 100% renewable energy and represent the new generation of purification and concentration of omega-3 processes. As a result, Golden Omega fish oil concentrates benefit from contaminants far below regulatory guidelines and a clear and transparent colour.

Golden Omega fish oil concentrates are IFFO RS, IFOS, Friend of the Sea, Dolphin Safe and Orivo certified as “Pure Anchovy from the South Pacific”.

Last but not least: Golden Omega is committed to sustainable principles, such as the development and implementation of efficient eco-friendly technologies and operations, fair labour practices and community engagement.

LEHVOSS Nutrition is proud to be the exclusive European distributor for the range. Discover more by visiting the Golden Omega dedicated page.