Ingredient Highlight: Zinc

Featuring LEHVOSS Nutrition zinc range

Global focus on immunity has never been stronger as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc across the globe.

Last April, NutritionInsight took a closer look at how zinc has emerged as a so-called hot ingredient on the market, thanks to its contribution to both the innate and adaptive immune systems, which are the body’s first and second lines of defence, respectively (full article here).

During the interview, we mentioned that although there was no proof that zinc could address the fight of COVID-19, most of our customers were likely to include zinc in their formulations because of the approved EFSA claim related to the maintenance of the normal function of the immune system.

Furthermore, zinc is actually one of the most abundant minerals in the brain and according to research, plays and integral role in neurological health. Zinc deficiency is related to an increased risk of depression as well as increased feelings of anger and aggression.1

LEHVOSS Nutrition offer a wide range of zinc salts, carefully approved by our expert team in Hamburg and available across Europe. Please visit our dedicated minerals page to learn more or contact your sales manager.

In addition to our range of minerals salts, we offer a plant based, vegan and organic certified Zinc (5%) from holy basil leaves, shiitake and oyster mushrooms. Learn more about this ingredient and other plant based vitamins and minerals by visiting our Orgavitaz® dedicated page. Contact us to learn more.


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