Gut Health: Beyond Pre and Pro-biotics

Gut health is an important contributor to general health, with well-established links to immunity and brain health. Products are formulated to directly address specific aspects of gut health, and other aspects of general health via action on the gut. This has resulted in the gut health market becoming increasingly sophisticated and diverse. Although probiotics and pre-biotics dominate public consciousness in the gut health market, several other nutrients could also provide benefits. Furthermore, many of these compounds support gut health via different mechanisms of action to pre and probiotics, providing another dimension for the formulation of gut health products1.

LEHVOSS Nutrition offer valued-added ingredients such as EpiCor®, Pomella® and Restoridyn®, which are specifically addressed to support gut health, while targeting specific customer’s requirements.   


EpiCor® is a whole-food fermentate, a postbiotic ingredient clinically shown to support the immune system, and modulate and benefit the gut microbiome. A recent (2017) randomized, placebo-controlled human clinical trial conducted in Europe, aimed to investigate the gut health effects of EpiCor®. Statistically significant results on this study demonstrated EpiCor’s gastrointestinal benefits at only 500 mg daily dose and confirmed the link between the immune and digestive systems. More information can be found in the Gut Health Scientific review in EpiCor® dedicated page. You are also welcome to watch here the video about EpiCor® and gut microbiota.

Furthermore, we have developed a product formulation containing EpiCor® , two scientifically proven probiotics for immune and gut health and  fructooligosaccharides (FOS), a well-researched prebiotic. For more information about this concept, click here.


The health benefits of pomegranate have long been associated with the high content of antioxidant polyphenols, in particular ellagitannins such as punicalagins and their gut-derived metabolites, urolithins. The symbiotic relationship between phenolic compounds and gut microbiota have gained much attention due to their relevance to bioavailability and human health. The antioxidant function from Pomella®'s powerful polyphenols work with the body to support health benefi­ts often impacted by oxidative stress, contributing to overall wellness. Click here to download the new Pomella® Infographic and learn more or watch this dedicated video.


Restoridyn® targets a new generation of sports and active peoples’ needs for recovery, cognitive function, immune and gut health. Restoridyn® has been clinically studied in healthy men and women training for a marathon. The results showed that Restoridyn® led to a decrease in physical soreness, improved recovery time, and supported a balanced inflammatory response. Runners not only showed improvements in pre and post-race recovery, but also in promoting a healthy immune system. More information here


There are also other ingredients in our offer than can be used in gut health formulations, including our organic certified green superfood blend, PureSea® Seaweed, spirulina, calcium, , fructooligosaccharides (FOS), , VitaFiber®, and more. Contact us!.


(1) Innova Expert Insights, 2019