The importance of Sulphur for human health.

OptiMSM® role as a sulphur donor.

Following calcium and phosphorus, sulphur is the third most abundant mineral in the human body. The majority of dietary sulphur is provided by the sulphur-containing amino acids (SAAs) methionine and cysteine. Methionine cannot be synthesized by our bodies and therefore must be supplied by the diet. Cysteine can be synthesized, but the process requires a steady supply of sulphur.

Recent research shows that OptiMSM® provides the body an easily accessible pool of sulphur which spares the essential sulphur-containing amino acids (SAAs) methionine and cysteine from being metabolized for their sulphur. Earlier pharmacokinetic and metabolic research with oral MSM demonstrates it is rapidly absorbed and well distributed, and then excreted from the body. Its role as a sulphur donor and its ability to preserve SAAs explains the broad range of health benefits observed with OptiMSM®.

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