New range of Plant Based Vitamins & Minerals

In Nature, vitamins and minerals don’t exist in isolation. They exist as foods. Fruits, vegetables, and botanicals deliver their nutrients in complex “packages” that are then metabolised by our body. Vitamins and minerals found in foods come with their own enzymes, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, phytonutrients, and other natural co-factors that can help the body to absorb and use them effectively.

Our new natural and organic certified vitamins and minerals are not single chemical entities. We offer vitamins and minerals as “whole-food complexes”, with all their nutrient co-factors: just as they exist in Nature. They are ingredients with minimal processing carried out, therefore preserving their original vitamin and mineral profiles: the way the body likes them.

Plants are cultivated over 2,000 acres of certified organic and biodynamic farms, including the World’s largest Demeter-certified biodynamic perennial multi-crop farm in temperate South India. They are also wild-picked from organic forests. The fully integrated supply chain represents a comprehensive project that protects the organic integrity and quality of the whole food nutrients from seed to finished ingredient. Furthermore, our manufacturer proprietary processing techniques ensure that the full nutritional profile of the ingredients are maintained.

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