GlucosaGreen®: a Vegan and Sustainable Glucosamine

According to market data, the joint health market is expected to increase to more than US 14 billion by 20241.

Currently, nearly all the World’s glucosamine is produced from shellfish. The process of manufacturing glucosamine from shellfish, however, relies considerably on chemicals and energy, while also creating excessive amounts of toxic wastewater, harmful to people, animals and the environment. Producing 1 MT of traditional shellfish glucosamine requires 30 to 40 MTs of shellfish shells and creates 5 to 6 MTs of solid waste. Furthermore, the manufacturing process can create up to 460 MT of wastewater with an unhealthy pH of 5.5 in most cases.2

GlucosaGreen® is a sustainable commercially available glucosamine produced from corn, manufactured with a patent-protected process that uses a novel fermentation technology to produce a vegan glucosamine ingredient, bioequivalent to shellfish glucosamine.

GlucosaGreen®​ is manufactured through environmentally-friendly methods, and produces only 2% of the waste compared to shellfish glucosamine. It takes only 2 MTs of clean water to produce the same amount of glucosamine – 99.9 per cent less water than required for shellfish-derived glucosamine.2

Consumers are proactively demanding and using environmentally sustainable and friendly products. As more consumers become aware of how the conventional shellfish glucosamine industry impacts the environment – and the shellfish populations themselves – it comes natural to think that they will embrace sustainable and ecofriendly alternatives. Therefore GlucosaGreen® could certainly become their glucosamine of choice.

GlucosaGreen® is available from LEHVOSS Nutrition in a variety of forms: glucosamine sulfate, glucosamine hydrochloride, and N-acetyl-d glucosamine as well as in powders and granular grade.

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(2) Data provided by our manufacturing partner