New meta-analysis reveals interesting findings about Omega-3s

People who received omega-3 fish oil supplements in randomized clinical trials had lower risks of heart attack and other cardiovascular disease (CVD) events compared with those who were given placebo, according to a new meta-analysis from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and Brigham and Women's Hospital.  The analysis  included 130,000 adults in 12 randomised trials worldwide, including the VITAL trial, the largest randomised trial of omega-3s to date.

Researchers found an association between daily omega-3 supplementation and reduced risk of most CVD outcomes, including heart attack, death from coronary heart disease, and death from CVD, but did not see benefit for stroke. The association was particularly evident at higher doses of omega-3 fish oil supplementation.

These findings may suggest that marine omega-3 supplementation dosage above 840mg/day used in most randomised clinical trials may provide greater reductions in CVD risk.1. Full study can be accessed here.

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(1) Journal of the American Heart Association (2019) Authors: Hu.Y.,Hu.F.B, and Manson. J.E.,”Marine Omega – 3 Supplementation and Cardiovascular Disease: An Updated Meta-Analysis of 12 Randomized Controlled Trials Involving 127 477 participants”