Plant Proteins: Discover our offer

According to Innova, protein is expected to maintain its position as a key ingredient in the industry. As consumers become increasingly aware of what benefits their health and wellness, protein’s wide range of uses may provide ample space for innovative and exciting product developments. 

The number of food and beverages launches featuring pea protein has trebled in the last five years (Global, 2014-2018) with 60% growth in dairy alternative launches with plant proteins (Global, 2018 vs 2017). Consumer demand for protein-enriched products now extends beyond sports nutrition, to include senior nutrition, weight management and overall health and wellness. It is certainly no longer the domain of the infant nutrition category or “body building” space.

Blending techniques, which combine various plant proteins of different origins in such a way that the final product’s amino acid profile is virtually identical to that of high-quality animal proteins, is going to become standard practice in vegan options.

LEHVOSS Nutrition can offer a range of plant  proteins, selected from leading manufacturers, and carefully approved by our Regulatory department. We also have in-house expertise to advise and help with your next product development. Fava, Chickpea, Pea, Pumpkin and Rice proteins are currently in our offer, some of them Organic certified. Check our product range here.

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