Introducing our Organic certified, Natural Vitamins and Minerals

LEHVOSS Nutrition is pleased to present a range of plant-based vitamins and minerals, which have been treated as whole-food complexes, with minimal processing carried out, therefore preserving their original vitamin and mineral profiles.

Each ingredient is not an “isolate” from natural sources, or a concentrate; it is standardized to actives in lower concentrations but available as natural forms found in nature. Isolating single vitamin forms can be less effective compared to leaving the broad-spectrum of naturally existing formats of active vitamins and minerals found in plants. 

Organic certified and natural Vitamin B12, Biotin B7, Folate B9, Iron, Vitamin C, Selenium, Zinc and multivitamin blends are currently on offer and available to all our EU customers, and there will be more ingredients to be added in the near future. Visit our dedicated page to learn more.