Longvida® winner of “Nutrition Research Project of the Year”

We are pleased to announce that Longvida® has received recognition by winning NutraIngredients-USA Award “Nutrition Research Project of the Year” for their research “Longvida’s Retinal Amyloid Pathology and Proof-of-Concept Imaging Clinical Trial with Longvida Optimized Curcumin”. This category rewards the most innovative and impactful nutrition research projects pushing the boundaries of nutritional science.

 When presenting the award, Dr. Stephen Daniells, PhD, Editor-in-Chief of NutraIngredients-USA explained on the behalf of the judges that the “entry really stood out for its combination of a nutrition intervention (curcumin) with industry-changing technology to potentially provide a low-cost, non-invasive technique to pre-screen at-risk populations using high-resolution imaging of a person’s amyloid-beta burden.” He went on to explain that the panel of judges appreciated that “the research was performed by an impressive team of academic institutions and industry, supported by peer-reviewed publications”.

 Visit our Longvida download area to have access to the full version of this scientific research. Please remember to login as a registered user before loading the page.

 Longvida® contains the natural antioxidant curcumin, optimized by SLCP™ technology for maximum bioavailability into blood and target tissues. It supplies significant levels of free (not glucuronidated or inactivated) curcumin.

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