LUVOTECH® – New and revamped product portfolio

From LEHVOSS Group

The LEHVOSS Group is reacting to the changing market requirements with a new and revamped product portfolio for its LUVOTECH® line. The product line comprises technical, high-strength and rigid high-temperature polyamide compounds in combination with recyclates and the additional “eco” designation. It thus takes account of customers’ future technical and commercial requirements.

The compounds, based on technical polymers such as PA 6, PA 66 and PC/ABS, are bulk materials and are already used for applications in various industries – above all in the automotive sector. Alongside modified unreinforced types, there are also glass-fiber and glass-bead reinforced as well as tribologically modified variants. Carbon fibers are used as well.

The LUVOTECH® eco product line, based on PA 6, PA 66, PC/ABS and the high-performance polymer PEEK, offers an economical alternative to established materials. They are based on plastics from post-production sources and enable competitive solutions with an improved CO2 balance sheet to be implemented. Raw materials with specific properties from certified and audited suppliers are used exclusively in their production. The manufacturing process contains a qualified grading, grinding and inspection process.

The LUVOTECH PAHT® product family is based on a high-temperature polyamide and is offered with a glass-fiber reinforcement content of 40-60%. It is aimed at structural applications that demand high values for strength and rigidity in combination with elevated temperature resistance. There are plans to expand the product line to include, for example, very cost-effective thermally conductive compounds. Additional tailor-made compounds are possible on request.